Beating the heat with overalls!

Hey people,

I hope you all are enjoying the season of colors and freshening smell of wet earth ♥, it’s all perfect… except this humidity that comes along with the season. But worry not! I got this super cute outfit idea to beat the humidity like a ninja and at the same time keep your style quotient intact even on days you don’t feel like putting in too much efforts on your appearance.


Okay so, I styled this amazing denim dungaree with a smiley that I got from koovs with a body hugging crop top that I made myself from an old tee of mine and white sneakers.


Since this is a very casual look I haven’t accessorized much just a white watch, a grey backpack and these beautiful wayfarer! The whole look is so comfortable and lets your skin breathe.

That is all for this post! Hope you guys like it. Do share your views and suggestions in the comment section below. And also, I’ve attached the link to this backpack and the tutorial for this diy top at the end of this post!

Thanks for reading!




Backpack – click here

Tutorial for crop top–  click here


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