About the blog

Hello everyone, I’m Harshita Chibber, a 19 years old chubby girl living in Delhi. I was never really good at talking about myself so let’s get to the reason why I started with this blog. 

I’ve always wanted to do something with my life along with my studies (currently pursuing B.A(hons.) Economics, 2nd year from delhi university). I don’t wish to spend my life studying, doing a 9 to 5 job i might not even like and going to sleep thinking about how i never gave my dreams a chance. Talking about dreams, my dream is to work on things I love (so it’s not work anymore, it’s enjoyment! You see?) So this blog is about me giving my dreams a chance to flourish. I’m not really sure how this will turn out but I’m hoping it turns out well.

Okay so, this blog isn’t just about fashion blogging. I love stuffing food too (food is life!) So you can expect posts about some amazing places to eat in delhi too! I have other hobbies too which I would love to turn into blog posts someday but for now let’s keep it a secret 😀

Hoping to recieve some support from you people 🙂 

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog❤


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